Fe 500 GRADE


Since Nepal is located in Earthquake prone Zone, to address this concern in the safety of construction, after a exhaustive research and with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing high quality Steel Rebars, Jagdamba Steel presents Jagdamba E Steel Rebar. Jagdamba E is a Fe 500 Grade Earthquake Resistant Steel Rebar. It is the first and only of its kind of superior Steel Rebar available in Nepal and specially made for applications in earthquake resistant constructions. Jagdamba E Rebars conforms to Fe-500 Grade quality as per Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology, NS:191 Certification and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), ISI Certification IS:1786:2008 and Newzealand Standards.

Jadgamba E is highly recommended for applications in earthquake resistant constructions, be it home, commercial building or infrastructure projects. Since Nepal is highly prone to seismic risks, application of Jagdamba E Steel Rebar can help minimize the risks like damage to the RCC structures and thereby help save lives in case of an Earthquake due to its resistant features.



Jagdamba E is manufactured from prime billets in state of the art completly automated modern plant. The Rebars are Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT), to offer better strength in addition to better ductility to make it resistant to seismic conditions.Additionally Jagdamba E comes with the expertise in product innovation from Jagdamba Steels Pvt. Ltd, pioneer and No 1 Steel producer in Nepal.


Controlled Process

Superior quality in Jagdamba E Rebar is assured through high adherence to the following controlled process in during the manufacturing;

 Controlled Raw Materials

To ensure high quality in end product, the raw materials undergo stringent chemical and physical tests.The controlled process through quality assessment of raw materials ensures adherence to the quality standards and consistency in quality of every single Rebar manufactured.

Controlled Production Process

Jagdamba E Rebars are manufactured in the state of the art completely automated plant, the only one in Nepal.The automation ensures consistency in physical quality like Uniform Ribs, Uniform Lengths etc. Further the Rebars produced undergo stringent chemical and physical testing at the state of the art completely computerized labs.This ensures instant results and faster intervention and reliability in the quality assurance.

Controlled Parameters

Maintenance and consistency of physical and chemical parameters is highly important to ensure superior quality of Rebars. This is ensured through the application of automated systems in production, thermo mechanical treatment, physical and chemical testing. The parameters are stringently controlled and maintained as per the minimum and maximum standards outlined by Indian BIS, IS: 1786:2008 Certification Standards and NS 191, Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology Certification Standards.


Superior Fatigue Strength

Since the fatigue strength of reinforced concrete is highly dependent on the fatigue strength of the Rebar, Jagdamba E has superior fatigue resistance compared to normal Rebars. It is highly recommended for cyclic loads such as heating & cooling cycle, repetitive inward loads and multi loads.


Superior Raw Material

Jagdamba E Rebars are made from prime billets imported from leading companies like Jindal Steel, SAIL India and TATA Steel. High quality of raw materials also ensures that the Rebars are of high grade quality.


Better Ductility, Earthquake Resistant

Jagdamba E compared to other normal Steel Rebars available in Nepal comes with better ductility. Better ductility means better elongation in case of stress conditions, like in case of an earthquake, there by offering better stability to the structure and resistance to the damage.

Jagdamba E offers 20% more elongation compared to other normal Steel Rebars.The strength and ductility of Jagdamba E Rebars exceed the minimum level specified by NS, IS and other International Standards.


Superior RIB Pattern

Jagdamba E Rebars have a superior 60 degree and uniform rib pattern with greater depth and closer rib spacing which is assured through computer controlled CNC grade machine. Superior Rib Pattern ensures better bonding of Rebars with the concrete reinforcement.



Jagdamba A5_E Brochure_english.indd


Due to its better ductility, elongation, tough outer surface and soft innercore, Jagdamba E Rebars are easily bendable without any risk of cracks or breakage.



Superior Weldability

Jagdamba E Rebars have a low carbon content which gives it superior weldability in case required. Also, no pre warming and post welding is required in case of manual arc welding. The Rebar can be butt welded and as well lap welded.


Quality Assurance

The raw material billets and Rebars manufactured undergo stringent chemical and physical testing at the state of the art completely computerized labs.This ensures instant results and faster intervention in the quality control process and enhanced reliability.



Jagdamba E Rebars are conveniently available in sizes 8mm and up to 32 mm through more than 1,500 retail points spread across Nepal. Also available in sizes 36mm and 40mm as per custom requirements.

Quality Commitment

At Jagdamba Steels the highest standards  in quality and make of all the range of products is assured through streamlined and controlled manufacturing process beginning with the physical and chemical quality assessment of the raw material, of the manufactured products during the manufacturing process at the state of the art computerized physical and chemical laboratory. The computerized system of quality assessment ensures that minute details are assessed with precision leaving less room for any human error, that is highly possible in case of manual system of assessment.


Jagdamba E Rebars are certified for Fe 500 grade quality by Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology by NS:191 Certification and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) by ISI Certification IS:1786:2008. This is an assurance of the quality and practice of adhering to highest standards in quality and make at Jagdamba Steel.

The company is also certified by JAS-ANZ; ISO 9001:2000 and CIS; ISO 9001:2008  

Quality Advantage with Jagdamba Steels
  • Prime Billets imported from world renowned companies used as raw material in manufacturing of all range of Steel Products.
  • Automated, Streamlined and Controlled manufacturing process to ensure highest quality standards of all the product ranges.
  • Automated and stringent physical and chemical quality testing of rawmaterials in during Pre-Production, of Products during Production and Post completion of Production.
  • Computerized Physical and Chemical Test Labs to ensure faster and accurate results, reducing any chances of human and manual error.
  • Computerized weighing and tamper proof labeling system to ensure right weight and quantity in each set/bundle.
  • Computerized delivery processing system for faster, efficient and timely delivery.
  • Easy availability through more than 1,500 retail outlets across Nepal.
  • All products manufactured to stringent NS and IS Standards. Steel Rebars in Fe 500 and 500 D grades certified for quality by NS 191 and BIS IS: 1786:2008 Certification. GI Wires certified by NS 161 quality certification.